Quick status update

04/24/2024 19:50

Just a quick check-in.
It's going fine. Right now I'm in The Netherlands taking care a of a cat for a friend traveling.
That's the beautiful kind of freedom, my current circumstances allow me to have.
But I know it is not going to last forever, unless I make something valuable.

I'm working on an app now, which is going to be a different take on social platform.
I don't want to share too much as of now, but it is taking shape well.

It's an ambitious project to pull off. I expected to be finished by now, but there is just a lot to it.
Especially the mobile front-end takes a lot of time to get perfect.

While Expo and React Native are good platforms that indeed are battleproof, I have had to cut many corners in terms of performance and getting what I want from visuals.
Especially low end Android suffers. Skia Canvas does help, but it also takes a long time to set up properly.
But that's also cool, because I guess it gives me a competitive advantage to have plowed through those obstacles.
I've managed to get a fairly complex app very snappy, even on the older phones.

It can be a tough balance to find, between fine-tuning and leaving as it is.
From now on, I try to not be too much of a perfectionist.

I would never really say I was too much of a perfectionist anyways. But I always hate to use apps that are not snappy.
I think that the foundation of a good user experience in an app is how responsive it is to your actions.

A lag-less and snappy software is in my book the minimum you can do for your user, other than of course providing stable functionality.
Then there is of course all the measurements that goes on top, all the research needed to test if it is even a viable project for a broader market.

That test I also haven't conducted yet. And that's also part of the reason why I want to finish this project soon.
Because until I am finished, I work in the dark, and it would be nice if a project of mine eventually saw the shapes of day as well.

There is already a beautiful ecosystem set up, that I'm proud to have made.
I'm looking forward to soon share it all. There is a lot to come! It's an exciting time for sure.

I wish you a wonderful day, thanks for reading - you are appreciated.



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