Object Storage providers pricing comparison

04/09/2024 14:46

Object Storage Pricing Comparison

I'm shocked to find that people rely on the big boys (S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc.) for Cloud Storage.
They're really expensive compared to the pricing I found on lesser known services.
Perhaps people trust in the bigger companies?
Let's check all of them out.

For my upcoming app, I needed a platform to store all the user-generated media files.
That includes images and audio tracks, and also a decent amount of text.
A Managed Object Storage service was what I was looking for.
I spend a few hours researching the different platforms.

Okay, just give me the results
Here's a link to a downloadable Google Spreadsheet.

Estimated usage
I estimated I would have around 2Tb of storage and 1Tb of bandwidth / month.
Here's the pricing as of now (2024, April 9th):

2TB storage, 1TB bandwidth / month

In this video you can how I summarized the above.
It's pretty boring to watch since I just visit the websites, but I recorded it and thought ah well I might as well upload it.



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(0/0) 04/24/2024 19:35, anonymous user wrote

I've started using Wasabi for another project, it actually works really well. I have CloudFlare in front though, that was part of their egress policy. So far so good, but I don't know if I'll ever hit a wall with CloudFlare though, but Wasabi will stay cheap.


(1/0) 04/11/2024 19:28, Wituz wrote

Yeah I can get that. I think Backblaze or perhaps Wasabi might be the more stable of the lesser known ones. But I totally get you. Also some of them I haven't included have pretty sketchy monetization, like lifetime purchases and such.


(2/0) 04/11/2024 15:37, anonymous user wrote

I am always quite reluctant to host my data in lesser known sources as they are (in my opinion) more probable to go bankrupt. But for simply following 3-2-1 backup rule I think these providers are great choices!